Lakland Bass Guitars NZ

Welcome to LAKLAND BASSES IN NEW ZEALAND, a formal collaboration between LAKLAND USA and LAKLAND NZ/MR MUSIC as distributor of the range of USA Built and Chicago assembled basses and guitars. No longer do buyers and players have to negotiate the difficulties of purchasing online from on-sellers overseas for these fine instruments, instead they can now access via the authorised distributor right here on your doorstep.

We carry a select range of boutique SKYLINE SERIES instruments priced to meet the market though mindful our products are intended not to compete with 100% budget Asian Built brands or the top-end USA and European instruments, but rather offer a world-class boutique brand at an affordable price. All our models are available direct from our distribution centre to you the end user/player thus being price-competitive without sacrifice in quality. Given the limited availability of ex-stock models, special orders can be made available so don’t hesitate to enquire directly via our on-line form.

Remember LAKLAND is not just another brand but a hugely respected product line at times limited in its availability due to the no-compromise approach by this exclusive family manufacturing business.

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